Battle 2-Pack Standard Mouthguard,Strapped, Pink/White

Artikelnummer: 4382

Battle Football Mouthguard 2-Pack Battle Football Mouthguard 2-Pack is an advanced mouth protection system that rivals the safety and performance of custom-molded mouthguards, but at a fraction of the cost. Made of our patent-pending Ever-Mold Composite, Battle Mouthguards are designed to be re-boiled and remolded multiple times for the ultimate fit. Product DNA Works with braces Re-boil & re-mold multiple times Helps prevent TMJ Bottom barricade to protect lower teeth Easy-Clip removable strap with integrated saftey release Sizing Adult sizes Technology Ever-Mold Advanced Composite to protect teeth and dental appliances Easy-Clip removable strap with integrated saftey release

Kategorie: Mouthguards

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