Composite Schläger Easton C3.0 45-Flex Junior rechts E3

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Composite Schläger Easton C3.0 45-Flex

  • unique low taper profile that helps control the shaft and blade from twisting and provide pinpoint accuracy, all while providing a deceptively quick shot release
  • Elliptical Profile gives the C3.0 that unique feel shared only by other legendary Stealth models such as the S17, S19, and RS.
  • micro-bladder blade design, creating maximum compaction for great feel and durability
  • blade is finished in Easton´s EC10 Carbon Fiber Matrix with a matte finish
  • When Stealth heritage meets the latest in technological innovations over at Easton, the result is a package of durability, feel, and velocity unlike at a great price point

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Composite Schläger Easton C3.0 45-Flex

Easton´s back with the Stealth series of sticks we´ve all been waiting for! One that’s sure to live up to the name’s legendary heritage. The Easton Stealth C3.0 is true to the Stealth name by using the original Stealth construction process to seamlessly marry the shaft and blade, which are both comprised of Easton´s EC10 carbon fiber Matrix.

Schlägerhärte: 45 Flex

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