Cutters S931 Force 2.0 Lineman Glove Senior - Black M

Artikelnummer: 3602-001

Cutters S931 Force 2.0 Lineman Glove
  • created to provide even more protection with a lightweight, comfortable fit
  • Strategic C-TACK? material on fingers and thumb for added grip
  • Compressed foam padding lower back of hand for substantial protection
  • C-TACK material padded palm patch for more grip and protection
  • Perforated compressed neoprene back of hand/fingers enhances comfort, flexibility, protection and adds ventilation
  • Perforated gussets equal more ventilation
  • Double wrist strap offers added wrist support
  • Meets SFIA? specification for NFHS/NCAA play

Kategorie: Gloves / Handschuhe


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