Douglas BP Linemen Shoulderpad Senior L

Artikelnummer: 4377-001

Douglas BP Linemen Shoulderpad Senior

  • Designed For: OL, DL, LB, DE, TE
  • Designed for Offensive Linemen, Defensive Linemen, Linebackers, Defensive Ends, and Tight Ends.
  • Designed as a FLAT, low-profile pad, with belts and buckles. 
  • Air-Management System, consisting of open cell foam, a top redundant, a streamlined plastic shell along with 1? belts and buckles, creates the FLAT PAD Design that helps disperse the energy of collisions
  • It?s lightweight, and streamlined design, makes it the perfect pad for players that want solid protection yet a great range of motion
  • With larger epaulets, reverse cups, and solid front, gives the player to more stability to give and receive hits

Kategorie: Shoulder Pads


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