Douglas Legacy DD Shoulderpad Senior

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Douglas Legacy "DD" Shoulderpad

  • Skill Positions: RB, DB, TE, QB, WR
  • The DD style shoulder pad, in the Legacy Series is designed as a multi-position pad beginning with Running Backs, Defensive Backs, Tight Ends, Linebackers as well as Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers
  • The DD is designed as a FLAT, low profile pad, with belt's & buckles
  • The DD's lightweight, and streamlined design, makes it the perfect for players that want solid protection and greater range of motion
  • With the DD's front, that give the player the flexibility they need to make the big plays
  • The Air-Management system of open cell foam, soft removable channels, streamlined plastic shell along with 1" belts and buckles, creates the FLAT PAD Design that helps disperse the energy of contact collisions

Kategorie: Shoulder Pads


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