Football Tackle Donut 120cm x 20cm , Blau

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Ceres Tackle Donut - TOP Qualität !!
  • Waterproof equipment that can be used all year long
  • Expandable strap allows for easy carrying and fumble drills
  • Interior made of compressive foam that absorbs energy upon contact
  • Cover made of highly durable, coated vinyl
  • Very solid seaming to ensure esthetic touch and durability
  • Dimensions: 100 x 20cm, 120 x 20cm
  • Weight: 4 to 6 kg
  • Made in Spain

Kategorie: Field/Trainings Equipment

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Ceres Tackle Donut - TOP Qualität !!

Team-Rabatt fähig !!

The Ceres Tackle Donut is a revolutionary American football training tool that improves mobile tackling technique. The wheel design allows coaches or players to roll the tackle donut to create a moving target. This teaches players to adjust their pursuit angle and to wrap up in the open field. An interior expandable strap allows for easy carrying and can hold a football in place for fumble drills. -Allows players to improve mobile tackling technique

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