NIGHTMATCH Light Up Football INCL Ball Pump and Spare Batteries - Inside LED Lights up When Kicked - Glow in The Dark Football - Junior Size 3

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NIGHTMATCH Light Up Football
  • INCL Ball Pump and Spare Batteries 
  • Inside LED Lights up When Kicked 
  • Glow in The Dark Football 
  • Size 3

  • This ball is not one of these cheap toys that will only last a couple of days.
  • It plays just like a normal football.
  • It is made from high-quality materials, is very sturdy, durable and even waterproof!


  • enjoy playing football in twilight and dark.
  • You, your kids, friends and even your football team members will love it!
  • The ball is very bright in the dark and can be seen from far distances!



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NIGHTMATCH Light Up Football

A high quality LED light located inside the football make this ball light up and glow when bounced or kicked! It will only stay lit up when actively played and will automatically switch off after 30 seconds without action. There is no mechanical switch on the ball. This ball is much brighter than other “glow in the dark balls” you may find. They actively glow using battery powered LEDs - they are NOT just passively using fluorescence.

The ball is delivered deflated like most other balls. A proper standard ball pump is included to easily inflate the ball and you can use it for other balls as well! The ball comes with mounted batteries and is ready to play. An extra set of spare batteries is included additionally. The batteries will last about 30 hours of playing and are easy to replace. A tool and a manual are included to make battery changing even easier.

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