Razor RZ55 OL/DL Shoulderpad Senior 3XL

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Razor RZ55 OL/DL Shoulderpad

  • The Gear Pro-Tec line of RAZOR shoulder pads pushes the limits of shoulder pad design, every detail is focused on elite player performance.
  • Cutting edge design, materials and construction culminate in advanced impact dispersion, dynamic range of motion and flexibility on the lightest weight platform in the industry.
  • RAZOR is the pinnacle of success in protecting America's finest athletes for over 20 years! 
  • Injection Molded Components 
  • SAS-TEC Impact Zone Protection 
  • Dynamic R.O.M. Arch Hinge 
  • Adjsutable Protective Channel Pads 
  • Sternum/Spine Protective Pads 
  • Moisture Wicking Fabrics 
  • PAD-LOC Buckle/Strap System 
  • Compressed HEX Foam Comfort Liner 
  • Patented Z-Cool (#7,168,104) Plastic Inner Arch Design

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