Schutt Helm Z10 Vengeance

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Schutt Z10 Vengeance Helm

  • Smaller, streamlined shell cuts down the weight and has a lower profile 
  • Mechanically fastened Single Layer TPU in crown and lateral parts of the helmet 
  • All-new front pad made from vinyl nitrile and poron gives wearers a better fit 
  • Lateral liner is inflatable
  • Includes two interchangeable crown pads for a custom fit 
  • Helmet Stabilization System frames your face for a locked in feeling 
  • All-new cheek pads are comfortable, breathable and washable 
  • External cheek stabilizers reinforce the ear flap 
  • Internal cheek stabilizers add protection and reinforcement 
  • Extra vent holes behind the ear hole 
  • Facemask overlaps the ear flap for fully encompassing protection
  • Twist Release nose bumper for easy facemask attachment and removal 
  • Includes black SC-4 chinstrap and 1/2-inch jaw pads (White helmet includes a white Hard Cup Chinstrap) 
  • Weight: ~ 2 KG incl. Titanium Guard
!! Helm wird ohne Facemask geliefert. Das Facemask muss separat bestellt werden !!

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Schutt Z10 Vengeance Helm
The Schutt Vengeance Z10 Adult Football Helmet with Unattached Titanium Facemask has arrived! The Z10 uses a smaller profile and a new Helmet Stabilization System to appeal to even more players. The helmet includes a titanium facemask to keep the weight down and a hard cup SC-4 chinstrap to keep the protection up. The first thing you'll notice when putting on the Z10 is the streamlined shell that sits closer to your head like a classic helmet. But this helmet is far from classic, using an external cheek stabilizer that boosts the strength of the ear flaps and an internal piece that gives you a locked in feeling. Extra vent holes keep the helmet breathable, while the single layer TPU keeps it light on your head. The titanium facemasks are made to work in unison with the helmet, extending further back on the helmet than previous Vengeance facemasks with a material that's 60% lighter than traditional facemasks. Feel the Z10 now in stores available as Black Edition.

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