Under Armour Highlight MC, Black

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Under Armour Highlight MC Boots

The Under Armour Highlight MC has a high-cut upper with a woven TPU frame adding comfort as well as stability. Once your locked in, you'll get great push off from a combination of SuperFoam® and two powerful stud shapes.


  • Woven TPU upper and form-fitting CompFit® ankle stabilize the foot for more efficient bursts of speed.
  • 3D molded tongue wraps and comfortably protects the foot.
  • A high-rebound SuperFoam® insole has been configured for elite-level shock absorption.
  • Full-length, transparent TPU cleat plate holds triangular cleats designed for traction in all directions.
  • Secondary studs engage for added dig into the turf during cuts or moments of acceleration.

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