Composite Schläger CCM Jetspeed FT7 PRO , 50-Flex Junior CHROME-EDITION

CCM Compositeschläger JETSPEED FT7 PRO

Give your young hockey star the edge with the JETSPEED FT7 PRO hockey stick, designed for peak performance. Its lightweight Nanolite shield carbon technology ensures easy handling, while the stick's hybrid kickpoint versatility helps your child beat goalies with all types of shots. The new, advanced blade is also a real game-changer, enhancing puck control for those critical moments.

Experience the ultimate fusion of power and accuracy with the hybrid kickpoint - designed to elevate your game to the next levelNanolite shield carbon layeringCutting-edge technology that uses carbon fiber layers of specific thicknesses to create a lighter stick without sacrificing on durabilityRound “R” shaft geometryStreamlined shape with rounded corners and concave sides that keeps gaining in popularity. It delivers high performance and ultimate comfortSkeleton + taper technologyManufacturing technology found in the taper area which provides better reliability in key moments of the gameRR-110 X-Soft Helicoid bladeSofter CCM blade now leveraging Helicoid technology to increase blade durability while significantly improving puck feel when passing and stickhandlingFT Microfeel GripRaised grip added on the bottom edges of the shaft’s mid-section to ensure perfect stick control

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