Rebel Renegade Cheerleading Shoe - White

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Rebel Renegade Cheer Shoe - White

Introducing The Renegade, our premier high-top performance shoe.  Featuring a durable, multi-layer mesh exoskeleton with unique weight-distribution technology for a feather-light feel. With the same cushion cup, spin pad and stunting finger-grooves featured on our full range of shoes, the Renegade performance shoe was designed to crush your performance on the mat. Responsive cushioning provides shock absorption for easy landings, and super flex materials allow for toe pointing. The Renegade also features a flat Velcro ankle closure that provides stability and ankle support on and off the mat.  Fits like a glove, right out of the box.  Get ready to break the rules.

Exo-skeleton heat sealed bands

Super lightweight

Rebel spin pad & flex tunnel

Structured High-Top shoe

Upper multi-layer mesh

*NEW* outsole shock cushining & stunt grooves

Close-to-mat foot placement

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